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Polarization Maintaining Dense WDM 
The Polarization Maintaining Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer series is designed and manufactured to Telcordial standard and ITU standard, the PM DWDM can preserve the polarization of optical signals. The devices use environmentally stable Thin Film Filters and advanced packaging technology to achieve a wide passband, low insertion loss, high channel isolation, excellent environmental stability and high extinction ratio. The Polarization Maintaining Dense WDM  can be used individually to perform a single channel add or drop function or it can be used in DWDM systems and sensor systems.

Ordering Examples
Part Number Description
PDWDM-1-B-7-0 Polarization maintaining dense WDM, 100GHZ, ITU grid, 250um bare fiber, 0.75m fiber
length, without connectors
PDWDM-2-L-5-2 Polarization maintaining dense WDM, 200GHZ, ITU grid, 900um jacket, 0.5m fiber
length, FC/APC connectors
PDWDM-1-C-7-1 Polarization maintaining dense WDM, 100GHZ, ITU grid,3mm cable jacket, 0.75m fiber
length, FC/UPC connectors
Polarization Maintaining Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer 
Parameters Values
Filter type 200GHz 100GHz
Pass band Center wavelength CWL ITU Grid
  Min. bandwidth@ 0.5dB 0.5nm 0.2nm
  Typ. bandwidth@0.5dB 0.7nm 0.4nm
  insertion loss@C-->P < 1.0dB <1.2dB
  Min channel isolation@C-->P 25dB 25dB isolation@C-->P 30dB 30dB
Reflection band Insertion loss@C-->R < 0.5dB < 0.5dB
  Min. channel isolation@C--> R 12dB 12dB
  Typ. channel isolation@C-->R 15dB 15dB
Extinction ratio@ 23°C > 20dB > 20dB
Directivity   50dB    50dB
Return loss > 50dB > 50dB
Thermal stability 0.005dB/°C
Optical power 300mW
Fiber type PM panda Fiber
Max. tensile load 5N
Operating temperature -5°C to +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
Note1:The PM fiber and the connector key are aligned to the slow axis.
Note2: Values specified are without connector loss. With connector IL 0.25dB higher, RL  5dB lower and ER 2dB lower.
Note3: Specifications are subject to change without notice
Ordering Information
V: Channel Spacing 1 - 100 GHZ, 2 - 200 GHZ
W: ITU Grid ITU Grid
X: Pigtail  type B - 250um bare fiber,  L - 900um loose tube jacket, C - 3mm loose tube jacket,
S - Specify
Y: Pigtail length 5 - 0.5m, 7 - 0.75 m,  S - Specify
Z: Connector  1 - FC/UPC, 2 - FC/APC, 3 - SC/UPC, 4 - SC/APC, 6 - LC/UPC, 7 - LC/APC, 0 - none
Note for FC connectors: our FC connector key is narrow key (2.00~2.05mm).
If you require wide key connectors please specify this on your request/order.
Please note that the price will be higher for wide key connectors.
Package Dimensions