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Multimode Fibre Splitter 850/1310nm
Parameter Values
Operating wavelength 850/1310nm
Coupling ratio 10/90 20/80 30/70 50/50
Max. insertion loss 11.4dB/1.4dB 8.0dB/1.8dB 6.2dB/2.4dB 3.9dB
Max. excess loss 0.8dB
Directivity For 1x2 >40dB
  For 2x2 >40dB
Fiber length 1m or specify
Fibre type MM 62.5/125 or 50/125 graded index fibre
Package dimensions 250um bare fiber dia. 3.0  X 40mm
  900um loose tube dia. 3.0 X 56mm
  3mm loose cable and 90 X 16 X 9mm
Operating temperature -5░C to +70░C
Storage temperature -20░C to +70░C
Note1: Values specified are without connector loss.
Note2: Specifications are subject to change without notice
Ordering Information
R : Port configuration 1 - 1x2, 2 - 2x2
SS: Wavelength 8513 - 850/1310nm
TT : Coupling ratio 10- 10/90, 20 - 20/80, 30 - 30/70, 50 - 50/50
U : Pigtail  type B - 250um bare fiber, L - 900um loose tube jacket, C - 3mm loose tube jacket
X : Pigtail length 1 - 1.0 m, S - Specify
Y : Fibre option 62 - MM 62.5/125 fiber, 50 - 50/125 fiber
Z : Connectorá 1 - FC/PC, 2 - FC/APC, 3 - SC/PC, 5 - ST/PC, 6 - LC/PC, SMA - SMA,  0 - none
Multimode Fibre Splitter
AFW Technologies Multimode 1x2 couplers are bidirectional and can be used as couplers or splitters. The MM graded index couplers offer low insertion loss and excellent environmental and mechanical stability. The multimode couplers are available in 50/125um and 62.5/125um fiber types and operate at 850nm or 1310nm wavelength range.  Multimode Couplers are available with 3mm cable jacket, 900Ám loose tube jacket or 250Ám bare fiber.